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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Satellite images 

Dave Harless from California sends the following: I've got family from Ocean Springs, MS who evacuated north to West Point, MS and are safe but have been wondering what's left of their house. National Geodetic Survery (NGS)/NOAA just posted images of the Gulf Coast, taken after Katrina, on their site and it reveals in detail the damage done along the coast. Readers with internet access can get an idea of how their home/neighborhood fared – especially valuable since many neighborhoods are inaccessible. I hope you would be able to print nearly full page pictures of each of these images in your paper as soon as possible so that locals can see their neighborhoods. These are not rotated/aligned – but you can compare sat. images with the maps & archive satellite photos available on Dave, thanks for that information. We're a little limited in our Internet access, but I'm sure others will find this informative.

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Classifieds for our community. Buy, sell, trade, date, events... post anything. Adquity Classifieds.

Classifieds for our community. Buy, sell, trade, date, events... post anything. Adquity Classifieds.

Classifieds for our community. Buy, sell, trade, date, events... post anything. Adquity Classifieds.
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