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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Satellite imagery 

Vicki Murrell of Memphis e-mails: You may have this posted already, but NOAA has taken and uploaded satellite images of the devestated areas. I hope that these may be helpful for anyone who has web access and may be able to determine what's left. Thank you for being an information source for those of us who have family on the coast. I know you each have your own personal crises with which to deal.

those people wonder why its taking so long to be rescued, hmm, maybe cause their shooting at the rescuers?
I would like to thank Dave Harless for first posting the link to the aerial images from NOAA.
I spent 3 days trying to find out something about the status of my good friend Claude Payne (a frequent contributor to "Letters to the Editor")of Howard Ave with no success.
Now that I have been able to view the images of the area (under the Ocean Springs heading on NOAA), it is clear that Mr. Payne may have survived as his house and the surrounding houses are intact with debris being about 2/3 of a block down Seal Ave away from his home.
Thanks to the Sun Herald staff for all their wonderful work in keeping us poor worried citizens better informed. click on "click here for imagery" and choose the area in which you are interested. Biloxi is located under Ocean Springs Heading.
I'm sure that the number of people shooting at their rescuers is very small compared to the number of people who are imperiled.

Maybe you should put yourself in the shoes of one of "those people" who is not shooting at the relief workers, and who is wondering why it's taking so long to be rescued.
I have not heard anything about the town of Poplarville, Ms 39470,69 miles north of N.O.
A tornado went thru, plus it was in the direct path of Katrina between the two they have
just about wiped out the town. My son lives there and I can not get in touch, no elec. no phones

To much repeat news about N.O and no one is looking out for the cities just north of N.O. they sure could use some help
For the next hurricane path projected rita ; the easy way to keep going.
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