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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Returning to work 

Todd writes from Columbus, Ga., where he and his family evacuated to before the storm: It's heartbreaking to see what the Coast is going through, but I'm so glad you guys are posting online, so those of us who did leave can keep up with what's happening on the Coast. Question: My mother works for Memorial Hospital and my brother works for Wal-Mart in Pass Chritian. I know that both places have sustained heavy damage. I was wondering if there was a number that they could call to let their respective businesses know where they're at and when they need to report for work. Thank you for all that you're doing and keep up the great work! For Memorial Hospital, I'd keep trying to call their numbers until phone service returns. We don't know for sure when that will be, but let them know periodically. For Wal-Mart, I'd recommend going to the Wal-Mart in your area and asking for a manager. See if perhaps there's a corporate headquarters phone number you can call to see what they might have set up.

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