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Monday, September 05, 2005

Red Cross update, Monday 

Kevin Titus with the American Red Cross passed along some information about the organization's progress and functioning shelters. More than 5,000 volunteers and staff are joining thousands of local volunteers already on the ground. The Red Cross is unable to accept small, individual donations or collections of items such as clothing, food or cleaning supplies. The cost to sort, package and distribute these types of donations to disaster victims is costly and it is logistically impossible to distribute in a meaningful way. (I will interject here to remind you that local churches and food banks are great places to unload these individual objects, as they can distribute them a little more least when they have enough volunteers. Back to the Red Cross...) Local shelters still operating:
  • W.J. Quarles Elementary School, Commission Road, Long Beach
  • West Wortham Elementary School, West Wortham Road, Saucier
  • Harrison Central Elementary, Dedeaux Road, Gulfport
  • North Woolmarket Elementary, Old Woolmarket, Biloxi
  • West Elementary School, 4015 15th St., Gulfport
  • Biloxi Senior High School, 148 Richland St., Biloxi
  • Gulfport Central Elementary, 1043 Pass Road, Gulfport
  • Bel Aire Elementary School, Klein Road, Gufport
  • Picayune Jr. High School, Goodyear Boulevard, Picayune
  • Hancock County North Central High School, Cuevas Town Road, Kiln
  • Poplarville High School, 1301 South Main St., Poplarville
Reach victims living in shelters at 1-877-LOVED-1S.

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