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Friday, September 02, 2005

Pass Christian reports 

Todd Bennett of Philadelphia has been worried about his parents' house and got good news: I just spoke with a neighbor of my parents (who evacuated and haven't known whether their house is standing or not) who lives on Firetower Road. My parents live on Elmer Ladner Road just east of Firetower Road...and that general area is fine. I was told the houses sustained very little damage---some roof damage---some missing shingles but that's about it! This would be the area about 2 miles north of I-10 where Firetower Road branches off to the left from Menge Avenue. He advised that no one should attempt to return for at least one week, preferably two weeks as the heat and mosquitoes are bad...and of jobs to return to either. He also stated his son returned from Georgia on I-10. I-10 is closed on the eastbound direction from Alabama basically to Louisiana but that they're allowing traffic in both directions on the westbound lanes.

Happy New Year, doing some blog surfing and saw yours. Be Blessed.christian
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