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Saturday, September 03, 2005

One more thing ... Chevron 

I just realized that amidst the pile of papers on my desk, I'd forgotten to put up some pretty important information. Chevron spokesperson Steven Renfroe stopped by the paper this afternoon to talk about the refinery in Pascagoula, giving us a lot of information. There are two separate functions in Pascagoula. The first is the refinery. It's down, and they're still assessing damage to the production facilities and evaluating the repair process. When Hurricane George smacked Jackson County in 1998, the plant didn't return to 100 percent production for about three months after 5 feet of water went through. Since then, a 20-foot dike was built to protect the plant. There was some leakage in Katrina, and the damage appears to be less so far, but that doesn't mean some key piece of equipment that requires a long time to repair isn't going to slow the restoration down. There is also a terminal in Pascagoula, which is operating with generators to dispense gas to trucks for delivery to local Chevron/Texaco stations. So far, seven have been opened and Renfroe said they are looking to open six more, mostly in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. They are putting about 300,000 gallons per day into the market. "I think what you'll see over the next week is more stations open and shorter lines," Renfroe said. "We're as eager as the public to get back open." He said he didn't know how much capacity they have at Pascagoula, but the tanks were topped off before Katrina came to protect them. Full tanks ride out the storm better than empty ones. Renfroe said most of the 1,200 employees there had been accounted for. Because of the communication outage that plagues South Mississippi, they have taken their search door-to-door to check on the rest. Employees can call the companies newsline for updates. It is working again. There is a pipe

Be prepared for the next huricane or find another one that's similar. As the Boy Scouts say: "Be Prepared"!
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