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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Not all is lost 

Leaving you tonight with a few excerpts from a story by visiting reporter Meera Pal, who looked into conditions south of the railroad (which by the way is where I'm headed now, as my bizarrely untouched apartment beckons):
Eugene and Debby Roe returned to their S. Railroad Avenue home last weekend and found that except for a few downed fruit trees and a destroyed backyard patio, their home was fine. (Eugene Roe) has heard rumors that the city plans to bulldoze the entire area, or install a razor wire fence and limit access to residents. Col. Joe Spraggins, director of Harrison County Civil Defense, said city officials have not decided what to do with the damaged area. "No one is going to go in and tear someone's house down without a lot of notification," Spraggins said. "They are trying to find a way to save everything they can save. We are not just going to demolish everything." He is discouraging residents from returning to the area for their own safety, noting possible gas leaks, potential injury from debris, and hazardous materials buried among the wreckage. ...Eugene Roe managed to get power restored to his and a few other residents' homes... One of those homes belongs to 76-year-old Rosie Parkerson and her son, Ron. ...Ron Parkerson spoke about his return to S. Railroad Avenue after the hurricane. A normally eight-minute drive took close to an hour, he said. Before Katrina hit, Ron Parkerson evacuated his mother to his two-story house, four miles north. Unfortunately, his house didn't fare as well as his mother's. Several large trees came down on the 100-year-old home. The pair returned to her house a day after Katrina and have been living there since... More in tomorrow's print edition and posted on the Sun Herald web site soon. Good night, all, and take care of each other.
--Sara Greer

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