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Thursday, September 01, 2005

NOLA rescue idea 

David Walbridge in St. Paul writes: Watching the news reports, there seems to be quite few people on rooftops and balconies who still need transport out of flooded/ devastated areas. ( Likely in excess of 25,000) They need to either get supplies or to dry land in the next 3-5 days. I'd like to suggest that the some group ( Coast Guard? Red Cross? Sheriff?) recruit local a group of volunteer fishermen & pleasure boat owners from the area and to drive supplies IN while taking people OUT. The idea is this -- a boat brings in a load of food and water to group A, drops it off and picks up a second group "B" of people to bring out. Twice as many people get help and it doesn't tie up rescue boats or personnel. If you would like to see my ideas on how to organize the logistics and get help in fast, please contacts me ( David) . Please forward this idea to any other appropriate people -- I hope someone can implement this idea fast and save lives. Good idea, although I don't know if areas in New Orleans could be navigated safely. Consider your idea forwarded.

This idea might have helped thousands...
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