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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Mississippi Power update 

Here's a number that speaks to the scope of what we're dealing with in South Mississippi. Mississippi Power spokesperson Kurt Brautigam just gave me a rough estimate of customers who are currently able to receive service once they get the grid restored. The number used to be 195,000. Now, a rough estimate is 172,000. "We will restore all customers to service whenever they're able to receive it," he said, "but at this point, it's obvious not all will be ready in the next several weeks." The company has restored power to more than 20 percent of its customers. You can't extrapolate that out and say in 16 days everything will be restored, because there will be tougher areas to get electricity into, but more than 40,000 people have power now than didn't Monday, according to Mississippi Power. There are more than 5,000 outside workers in the area, with another 3,000 arriving today and Sunday. The workers restored 16 more substations yesterday and two-thirds of the total in the area are repaired overall. You can go to the company's Web site for resources in recovering from this disaster. An example is this page that has a list of post-storm actions can be taken.

thank you-thank you-thank you!!!may God our heavenly father bless all of you as you work to brig so normal life back to us. God bless your families too. Thanks again, RVL
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