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Monday, September 05, 2005

Mississippi Power update, Monday 

Company spokesman Kurt Brautigam just stopped by with an update on restoration of power along the coast. Mississippi Power employees and outside crews have now restored service to more than 44 percent, or 74,000, of the company's customers. "Service was restored to more than 13,000 customers Sunday and we were able to re-energize several additional substations, including Picayune, Bay St. Louis and Waveland, Richton, Poplarville, Shubuta and Carriere." Workers were also able to connect two major transmission lines, strengthening and stabilizing the backbone of the power delivery system. "It will take months to restore our system to conditions where it will operate normally," he said. But they're working hard out there and more and more people will experience that wonderful sensation of hearing the air conditioner kick on seeing the lights flicker overhead. Mississippi Power's outage reporting line: (800) ITS-DARK (800-487-3275) Customer restoration totals by division as of 6 a.m. Sunday: Coast 22,281 30% Pine Belt 23,534 40% Meridian 28,503 76%

How do we find out what city's have power. I'd like to know about Hattisburg..
Jasper County and Laurel, Mississippi still have widespread outages..... please help them!
Please don't forget about smaller communities (like Sumrall in Lamar County). They have no power or water.
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