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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Kymberli the Indominable 

More from Kymberli, this time a list of folks who are OK: -- Karen, Donny and Austin Buley Lindsey (Gulfport) are fine -- The Kriner Family (Curcor St., Gulfport) and Wade and Jason Stone (Long Beach) are fine -- Elaine McGarrh (Gulfport) is OK -- Bobby and Carol Armstrong family is OK -- The Grindstaff family is OK -- Monique Lewis (Cowan Street, Gulfport) is OK, but needs food and clothes -- The John Critchfield Family made it safely to Gulfport -- Mary Lou Ellet is safe -- Hazel and Sam Surian Family of Woolmarket is OK -- Rob Dudley is OK -- Cynthia McKinstry of Jacksonville, Fla., has found her "old man" and both are fine in Gulfport -- Omar and Mary Ann Chisholm of Gulfport are OK People are looking for: Rex Puckett of Long Beach Dawn Allen of Long Beach Shelly and William Brewer family of Long Beach Natalie Rake of US 90 Dennis and Lorie Thomas of Pascagoula

Frantically looking for Sue Bross (maiden: Green). She lived at 332 Barkwood Circle and she was being visited by her sister and brother in law, Pam and Colin Kane, from England who were due to leave for England on Sept. 1st. Don't know if they are ok or what shape Sue's home is in. Been posting on the message boards but no help so far. I believe that Sue also was employed in some capacity by the BX at Keesler AFB. I can be reached by email at

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