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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Greg Roth from the American Chamber of Commerce Executive writes in: I know you're flooded with requests, but on the small chance that this one can be printed or answered, my organization and I are looking for informationon the Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce in Gulfport (1401 20th Avenue) and the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce in Biloxi. We are currently setting up relief funds for them through our membership, but have been unable to get into contact with any members of the staff or get any update on their buildings (we're assuming those have been leveled). I've checked every news outlet I can fin andd haven't come across anything. If you have any information on either the people of the chamber or the buildings themselves, please let us know. We hope to get moving helping them rebuild (and from there, rebuild the business communities) just as soon as humanly possible.

looking for jeannie poplan of ocean springs ms. hope you and your family are safe and we are praying for your personnal safety
the gang from pennsylvania
i can send you an aerial photo of that address to see how the chamber of commerce has fared...there's a lot of destruction in that area but i can see a few buildings still standing. email
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