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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Get out the tissues 

Former Sun Herald reporter Louise Red Corn sends: It is sunny in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Katrina sucked the humidity and heat from us after she ravaged you. But calm weather here hasn't eased the trauma, for us or for you. As a longtime Sun Herald reporter formerly known as Louise Taylor, now Louise Red Corn, as the mother of Vincent Creel's lone son, I have been in tears when I press the elevator button to leave work, in tears when the name of someone I know pops up in the news, in tears when I come across yet another name I know on a missing list, in tears without any provocation whatsover. Damn, David Venus was "buckling down" his house on the bayou in Ocean Springs when I called him Sunday night. I should have told him that I loved him. Instead I made a jest about him buckling down his pants. The thoughts that haunt us, out here, are so many. When Vincent's name was absent for the first 36 hours, I feared him dead. I tried to figure whether AJ Holloway's comment about this being our tsunami might have been penned by Vincent. At first I sent calm emails, and called his cell every hour. But I became screamingly strident: VINCENT!!!!!!!! NATALIE!!!!! Redial. Redial. Against all hope, hit redial again. The relief for me, for his son and for my husband came when The Sun Herald posted that video. If he was taking video, he was all right WLOX said Natalie was OK. But Grandma? Grandpa? Great grandma? (We could see the slab where her house used to be on the Point.) Cousins Jared and Jeffrey? Uncle Pat? Uncle Nicky? Kuzy? And so many others; I could see who was kicking at The Sun Herald, but nowhere else. Anita got out one email. She was OK. Soon after the video, Matt Daily of Reuters was the first to quote Vincent; it went out in 100,000 copies all over the world. I dashed out another email, this time to Daily. He replied on a text phone, I guess a satellite one. Another 36 hours, Thursday morning, a few hours ago, the short but good news came: Relatives all OK. I left a message for our son at his school. I now have a good answer for his simple question: "Are they dead?" I never would have thought that Vincent's mother, who used to used her car keys to rap annoyingly on the glass door of my house on Seal Ave, would inspire me to cry gallons of tears. But she did. And I love her too. The greatest lesson in all of this, to me, is the obvious one: life. 10 years ago, I fled Biloxi -- the best place I ever lived -- for Detroit, to rid myself of a man. Over the years, 99 percent of my resentment has dispersed. Now it all has. Nothing like that matters. And Vincent, if you need to send anyone up here for refuge, we have room and will welcome them. And Jedediah sends you his love. "I don't know," he said late last night as I put him to bed, "what I would do if Daddy died." That's enough. Probably one more post for tonight before I take some mental health time off.

I did not understand this story. What did I miss?
i don't understand it either..???.
Hey anonymous', did you actually read the story???????

I thought it was good. I didn't cry but it was still a good story.
she left her husband in biloxi and moved away but she was still worried about him and her former inlaws. She had to know if they were alive or not as she had a son by her ex... geez.. read the story again you people that don't understand..
Point is perople she cares about are alive and she is grateful that is more than some of us have
This was a stupid story. What they said in a long story they could have said in 10 words. It didn't make sence.
Am from NJ so glad to hear my relatives are ok first I have heard anything thanks Louise
How can anyone not feel a little tug on their heart when reading something like this? Desensitized and hateful are so many people these days. WHAT IF THAT WAS YOU? What if it was YOUR family? I am glad all of your family members are well (as much as they can be can this time.) You are truly blessed. Others were not so lucky. Some lost all they had. My heart goes out to those who have lost people and things due to the storm, and it also goes out to those who have lost their hearts and HUMAN COMPASSION due to self rightousness and selfishness.
Please, everyone, have a little compassion! Some of these people didnt understand. Others are angry. Thousands are still stranded at the Superdome. Where is the compassion in America today? Everywhere I turn people have said "well, they were warned to get out days before" Where is the compassion in that? Someone else here explained the story to those who didnt understand I just want to add --- have a little compassion. There was a time in all our lives when we didnt understand either. And who here can say they understand this disaster?
This is another national tragedy - that there are so many, supposedly educated people, who have not the ability to read and understand a well written and moving story.
I especially appreciated the comments left by "Mary B(12:20pm) and "Anonymous(12:36pm)." I could not agree more with what you had to say. "Anonymous," when you'd mentioned that people are around you were saying, "'they had a couple of days to leave,'" it just amazed me how INCREDIBLY THOUGHTLESS some folks are. It obviously never even occured to these..."people" that some simply CANNOT LEAVE, even if they so desperately want to. Why? BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE THE MONEY OR TRANSPORTATION TO DO SO!! About 30% of all New Orleans residents are BELOW THE POVERTY LINE!! are these individuals supposed to leave? I'm certain that if they more could've left, they would've!!
I understand that these people are poor. Some are old and I really feel sorry for them. But there is also some able body young men and women that are simply saying feed me give me water. I was in a flood last year and I know how people feel but I didn't wait to have people wait on me and demand the goverment give me everything. Their are some who could have gotten our and they would have helped the people that couldn't. There would not have been so many to take care of.
There is far too much of "well, it
didn't happen in MY town, so I won't really think about it" attitude in the world today. This is a humanitarian crisis in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, no less.
I'm proud to say I still have heart. I cannot watch the coverage without breaking down into
tears. Bless those who have done what they could to help and pity
those who have created more despair
and trouble on top of trouble, for they have lost their hearts. We are all people, and when we bleed, it is the same color for everyone.
I love the post that states " I'm CERTAIN people would have left if they could have" How in hell-nation are you certain? Besides the aged and infirm no one else should ave been there. Oh they couldn't afford to leave? what BS! I would have walked out. I would have slept in a church or under a bridge. I CERTAINLY wouldn't have taken a hurricane in the face because i didn't have motel money. Face it people, Orleans residents simply didn't BELIEVE it would be this bad. Often predictions of these storms have amounted to "crying wolf" So when the buggy hit they thought it was just more hype and sensationlization for exciting TV news. And please dont forget that some of the people still there are predators, that planned and waited for the chance to loot and be lawless. Mostly they are people who thought they could,,,let's say it together now,,"RIDE IT OUT". BTW,,,that was a good story. Glad her peeps are okay. God Bless!
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