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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Fort Worth Little Leaguers checking on us 

Chris Ryan sends: We played D'Iberville Little League in the Jr. Baseball Tournament held in Grand Junction, Colorado last month. You had a article in your paper on Aug. 26 about the team. We are trying to find out if we can help any of the families that may have had damage. Players: Boomer Scarbourgh, Jason Carney, Jacoby Bell, Jeremy Picard, Beau Underwood, Michael Pitzer, Dillon Owen, Jacob Miller, Tyler Flowers, Mark Seymour, Drew Bosarge, Andrew Francois. Coaches: Ronnie Flowers, Bobby Underwood, Ernie Francois. League President: Buddy Dunaway. We are Texas West, Westside Little League, Fort Worth, Texas Thanks for the line. We'll post it here and see if we get a response from their families.

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Thanks for your inquiry, and sorry for the delayed response. Summary of a Hurricane Katrina Experience - The Ricky Picard Family
Written by Cindy Picard This recollected summary is to share an insight into our experience. It does not include all events/happenings that affected any of us that August 29th day in 2005.
Just another hurricane on the Mississippi Gulf Coast….as with all past storms & threats, Ricky(46) was working the “hurricane run” at Northrop Grumman in Pascagoula. Jeremy(13), Nathan(3) and myself(41) were at my parents, David(66) and Cathy(62) Selmer in d’Iberville(North Biloxi). Jason Hockaday, my oldest son(20), was at college at the University of Tennessee Martin
At 9am Ricky called me via cell phone to check in. He said our truck was under water. I told him our car had a tree on top of it and was underwater. Inside the house, all of us were in waist deep water. Phone contact was lost. I placed Nathan atop a step ladder to keep his head above the waves. I found it necessary to stabilize the ladder and myself in the hallway by bracing my foot on one wall and my back against the other . Jeremy was encouraging us to leave the house. I did not believe going outside was the safest thing to do. The water outside the house was higher than inside (at this point about 5 feet inside), the waves and undercurrents were fierce, the wind was raging and the rain was falling horizontally with a stinging force. As the smell of gasoline started to become unbearable, we became surrounded by glowing “blobs”. Afraid that the unknown light source would ignite a spark, I reached to try to turn it off. Upon “catching“ and squishing one of the lights, we immediately realized they were jellyfish and we were now being stung (In hindsight we believe this event to be God’s way to “prod” us to get out of the house).
The doorways were blocked by floating furniture and other items. Jeremy used all of his strength to clear a path. My mother was the first out the front door, followed by Nathan & I, then my father and lastly Jeremy. At 9:20am, hanging onto the gutters, we all shimmied along towards the pontoon boat. The water was about 8 feet now. The waves began to crest over the house, making it impossible to get aboard the boat. Eddie & Ronnie Aggregard, neighbors across the street, were outside attempting to start their boat. Nathan commenced to blowing his whistle (as this is what Barney the dinosaur said to do when you’re in trouble). During the first attempt to cross the street, the rushing waters flooded the motor and they found themselves 4 houses down the street within seconds. Upon regaining power, they motored “upstream” to the caving house which we were clinging. Boosted by the roof of my car and the helping hands in the boat, we were all boarded and motored to higher ground. We found their family inside their house chest deep in water (this house at about 10’ higher elevation). Their family was boarded into this boat and one other. These men, being unable to utilize the boat motors because of debris, began “walking” the boats through the raging water, howling wind and stinging rain, dodging debris, over 6’ privacy fences, cars and the unknown to deliver us all safely to higher ground. We found refuge in the school cafeteria approximately ¾ mile away.
During this time, unbeknownst to me, Ricky was deep within a Ship repairing a hole that was threatening to sink it. Approximately 36 hours later, Ricky arrived home. Approximately 3 days later, Jason learned of our safety.
Material and sentimental things have been taken from us. Some replaceable, some not. Our greatest possession of life and family are intact. Together, along with the help of God, friends, family and complete strangers that have treated us as family, we are stronger and feel blessed to be able to face the challenge of putting the pieces back together within our homes and community.
Thank you all for your prayers, support and acts of kindness!
Hi #NAME#. Just found your site via computer. Although I was looking for computer I was glad i came upon your site. Thanks for the read!
Interesting. I learn something all the time. Thanks,Steve @Car Tips
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