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Friday, September 02, 2005

East Jackson County damage report 

I stayed with family on Holder Road in Vancleave during the storm and, after emerging Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, I saw countless trees and power lines down over the roads, but very few damaged homes, at least along Holder, Mt. Pleasant and Wade-Vancleave roads. Same for Highway 63 from the George County line south to Pascagoula. The Cedar Creek area in Wade sustained heavy damage to homes from falling trees and now must contend with the rising Pascagoula River, which is at flood stage in the area. I also traveled to southeast Pascagoula where family lives off of Orchard Road near the Pascagoula Soccer Complex. They got 3 to 5 feet of water in their homes in that area with power lines and trees down all over the place. In the Kreole area of Moss Point there was similar wind damage as well as the combination of a rising Escatawpa River and storm surge from the Sound. Structurally, homes were mostly okay, but most all of them had some level of flooding. -Sara

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