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Saturday, September 03, 2005

D'Iberville report 

Willie Guidry reports: Little word has gone out about the plight of the D'Iberville area other than a report about high water in the Subburan Lodge. I am a resident of the Arbor View apartment, now writing from Houston, Texas. My wife and I traveled to D'Iberville yesterday and viewed excessive damange to the apartment complex. There is no power at present and the apartments, with some exceptions, are unlivable. Tenants are allowed on the premises to view and get what they need, but the apartments are extremely hot and swelting. We have lived there as retirees for the past six years and have enjoyed our stay on the Gulf Coast. From southern Louisiana, we are acustomed to Hurricanes, but this one did a number on us all. Thanks for the use of this site.

We are looking for Bob, April and Glenda Haas, who lived at 617 Arbor View Circle. in D'Iberville. They may have been neighbors of the folks who lived in the Arbor View Apartments and recently wrote from Houston . I'm a close friend and am in touch with other friends and family, who are all desperate for some news.
My sister lives at Arbor view apartments in D'I berville. She too has gone down to survey the damage. I will write down the names of your family members and see if she knows anything and get back to you on this site.
What is the address of the Arbor View Apartments? Bob and April lived at 617 Arbor View Circle. I guessed from the name that this might be the Apartments or might be close by.
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