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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Aerial photos, video of BSL 

Hank Hammett sends: I am from Waveland. Great job you are doing. The Seacoastecho has announced a link to an aerial photo of much of Bay St. Louis with detail views of post-Katrina situation.By zooming in (double-click image) you may even find your own home or buiness. They also have a link to aerial video by chopper of Bay St. Louis and Waveland. Go to the Skycopter Gulf Coast Damage 3rd trip.


Has images from all areas of the coast. They are zip files and rather large, but once downloaded you can zoom in pretty well.

Peace to all,

The website has changed. The new site is:

The Sun Herald should post this website on their front page. This is a very handy tool so people can find out what happened to their home or business.
For the next hurricane weather ; the easy way to keep going.
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