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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hattiesburg sorority hanging out 

Megan Sheets of Long Beach writes from the Southern Miss campus in Hattiesburg: Libby Gantt from Andalusia, Ala.; Sarah Young from Oak Grove; Wren Ward from Little Rock, Ark.; Kim Belsom from Kenner, La.; Ashley Cangelosi from Mandeville, La, and I are at the Panhellenic dorm. Right now Libby, Sarah, Megan, and Wren are all playing on computers. Wren is setting up an AIM account for Libby. Kim is sitting in the room with us just chatting and Ashley is working on some online homework. We just got our food the school, so we're prepared for tomorrow. We're also watching a movie on TV. We all decided to stay together because we are the only Chi Omega's left at school besides our resident adviser, Erica. In the beginning we had plans to go to Alabama to Libby's house, but we just decided to stick it out in H'Burg, so that we could stay together. So, we all went to church at Sacred Heart and then went to Lenny's, a sub shop, to get dinner before we had to go to a meeting in the dorm at 7 p.m. The hall director had to inform us on all of the precautions, like closing our windows and moving our stuff off the floor and away from the windows. There's a curfew from 6 a.m. Monday to 6 a.m. Tuesday. And from 6-11 a.m. tomorrow we have to be on the first or second floors (we live on the very top on the 8th floor). Due to boredom, we've also decided to explore Panhellenic. There are rumors that there are ghosts upstairs, so we've been trying to freak everybody out! Sarah and Megan were the only brave ladies that would go upstairs to explore. Ashley and Wren are way freaked out by the whole thing.

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