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Monday, August 29, 2005

Back up in dark Gulfport 

I've had to switch to the dreaded dial-up after a series of Katrina-induced glitches. A timeline: About 5:50 -- I started noticing trouble with the internet connection the great folks here at the Harrison County Emergency Management Agency has made available to the Sun Herald. Their network runs through a connection over in Biloxi in a building they were worried about keeping power available in. They've been working on getting the backbone routed through this building, which has dependable generators, but it didn't get done in time. About 6:00 -- All the TVs blasting Jim Cantore, Carrie Duncan or whatever weather-predictor they were switched to started blasting static. The cable went down. A minute later -- Going to the front door, we can see what's a contributing factor to the cable: No power in downtown Gulfport. The big red "Hancock Bank" sign on the tall building downtown is dark, with the only lights anywhere the red ones atop towers to warn away airplanes. Don't think they'll have anybody to warn off anytime soon. At the same time -- Funny how when the TVs went out, looking outdoors suddenly became more entertaining. The only doorway here in the courthouse that's not shuttered suddenly became much more interesting. Go figure, actual real-time data right through the old eyeballs.

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